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Dr. Osborne and Dr. Hamilton specialize in parotid, submandibular, sublingual and minor salivary gland surgery as well as the correction of complications associated with previous salivary gland procedures with a strong emphasis on minimally invasive tumor surgery, reconstructive facial surgery, facial reanimation, and the elimination of Frey’s Syndrome. As a surgical team Dr. Osborne and Dr. Hamilton have performed more salivary gland procedures and reconstructive facial surgery than any other surgical team in the world. They are currently managing over 20 patients a week. Their unique approach to surgery, combined experience, and constant innovation has allowed them to create many new and innovative surgical procedures that have bridged large gaps in current surgical techniques including transoral salivary gland surgery, reconstructive flaps for facial defects, and expanded the scope of sialendoscopy procedures to remove stones traditionally thought too large to be removed via traditional endoscopic techniques. Dr. Osborne and Dr. Hamilton are also considered master diagnosticians often serving as tertiary consultants, diagnosing illusive previously undiagnosable conditions. They have published extensively with over 80 peer-reviewed publications, books chapters, and online articles. Dr. Osborne and Dr. Hamilton havebeen invited speakers to many national and international conferences and are regarded as world leaders in the treatment of salivary gland disease. Here your safety and satisfaction are the top priorities and our goal is simple, to safely perform your procedure while maintaining a normal appearance and minimizing any potential complications. The doctors are Board Certified and Fellowship trained in both tumor removal (Dr. Osborne) and plastic surgery (Dr. Hamilton). Please contact us today to learn more.

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Health Information/ Innovations

Parotidectomy Trans-Oral Removal


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Parotidectomy Mini - Incision™

Smaller Incision, Faster Recovery. After hundreds of hours of research and development, we have designed the smallest open parotidectomy incision in the world. Avoid long, unsightly scars with this Mini-Incision.
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Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Removal of parotid tumors can significantly affect the appearance of the face. We have designed cosmetic and reconstructive procedures that leave you looking and feeling like no surgery was ever performed.
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Frey's Syndrome Treatment

Removal of parotid tumors can significantly affect the appearance of the face. We have designed cosmetic and reconstructive procedures that leave you looking and feeling like no surgery was ever performed.
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Recurrent Parotid Tumors

When faced with a recurrence, treatment options are fairly limited. Knowing when and how to use these options requires judgment, experience, and an understanding of the patient's long term goals.
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Sialendoscopy for Salivary Gland Stones

NEW! Sialendoscopy. Avoid salivary gland surgery and complications like facial paralysis with endoscopic stone removal through the parotid duct.  Relieve your pain permanently, with NO INCISIONS!
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Deep Lobe Tumor

Throat pain associated with a parotid mass may indicate a deep lobe tumor. Avoid mandible splitting operations. If you have been diagnosed with a deep lobe tumor, you will need the most experienced surgeon available to avoid life-threatening complications of surgery.
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"Words seem so inadequate to ever describe how warm, compassionate, professional, knowledgeable and comforting Dr. Osborne and Dr. Hamilton are. They are both a gift!"

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Informative animations that provide interactive explanations of the surgical procedures performed at the Osborne Head and Neck Institute.
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» Parotid Surgery Problems
» Superficial Lobe Parotidectomy
» Deep Lobe Parotidectomy
» Parotid Sialendoscopy Animation
» Submandibular Sialendoscopy
Published works and articles by
Dr. Hamilton and Dr. Osborne

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