Dr. Ryan Osborne explains Sialendoscopy as a procedure to remove a salivary stone on “The Doctors” television show.

Parotid surgeon and Ear, Nose and Throat specialist, Dr. Ryan F. Osborne, MD FACS of the Osborne Head & Neck Institute had been featured in the television show “The Doctors.” This was the first time a doctor was invited to talk about Salivary stones on The Doctors show.

One of Dr. Osborne’s patient Heather had pain in neck and throat making it a major problem for her to chew or swallow food. Making it harder for her to eat.

Dr.Osborne shows the CT scan and shares that the pain she had been feeling was due to a cavity that had been because of the large stone produced due to the absence of salivary flow since a long time. Once the area gets dilated up to a certain point it is fairly easy to see it with the naked eye.
The size of the stone was about the tooth making it not possible to pull out easily. So the procedure required to make a small incision on the opening of the mouth. It took 24 hours for the mouth to get healed over completely.
Heather happily says that she is not feeling the pain anymore and is back to her normal diet.

Causes of salivary stone can be dehydration, or a diet with too much calcium or much protein or nicotine all these are the contributing factors but can not be said truly.

In past surgery would be the only way to actually treat the salivary stone by removing the whole salivary gland.

Sialendoscopy is a new process which includes using a very small camera, which is an endoscopic tool that can be put through the natural opening of the salivary duct and can enable us to see if there is something blocking the flow of saliva, we can unclog it.

Dr. Ryan F. Osborne, MD FACS shows the animation of the process in the VIDEO which shows normal salivary flow with some debris building up to block up the salivary gland which is painful. During Sialendoscopy, a small camera is passed into the natural opening of the mouth to identify the stone. Then the stone is extracted by a special tool without making any incisions. The normal flow of saliva is restored due to which the salivary gland shrinks and pain goes away.

Salivary stones can turn into tumors hence should be get checked from doctors.

Dr. Ryan Osborne shares some tips to prevent Salivary stones in this VIDEO such as staying hydrated and using lemon, sour candies or Vitamin C powder to maintain the flow of saliva.

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