MAN with BILATERAL LARGE PAROTID WARTHIN’S TUMORS – A success story from Osborne Head & Neck Institute.

A patient had a rare situation that doctors had never seen before, he was from Saudi Arabia.

Ryan F. Osborne, MD FACS, trains as a head and neck surgeon in south-central Los Angeles, managing the most complex cancer and trauma patients in the country. His experience has helped him develop flexible and innovative thinking. He started Osborne Head and Neck Institute to give creative surgeons a space to excel. They have been creating new standards for medicines.

Waleed Almurashid lives in Jeddah has got an extreme amount of personality. He is friendly and charismatic. He works as a real estate developer. He had come to Los Angeles with his sister and brother in law to have an operation of Parotid Gland with Dr. Osborne as doctors in Saudi Arabia are not specially trained in surgery of Parotid gland tumors.

Waleed had bilateral tumors. Which is rare. Only 5 to 10 percent of the patients have bilateral Warthins tumors. He had been having it for three years. Having Warthin’s tumor had a huge effect on his personality.

Parotidectomy has the risk of facial nerve paralysis. but having bilateral tumor could have a higher risk such as losing all the actions like smiling in the facial region. Waleed’s treatment was going to two surgeries to remove tumors on each side in each phase of the surgery

Dr. Osborne approached the surgery, Because of the tumors being large and on two sides, Dr. Osborne had to get the abdomen area to get extra tissue. It is only done if it is in the good interest of the patient. The first surgery was completed successfully, they had dissected the facial nerves and removed the tumor. Within hours of surgery Haleed was able to move his eyebrows normally that meant he had recovered his facial nerves within hours of surgery. Waleed was feeling more confident after the first surgery.

Dr. Osborne felt better about the Second surgery, as the unknowns like size and branching patterns of the facial nerves were familiarised in the first surgery.

On the first day, the largest protruding tumor located on the left side was removed. Treating the tumor on the right side was more complicated as it was growing internally and pressing up against the carotid artery. the nerve was wrapping itself around the tumor in an intricate and complex pathway. They made an incision in the stomach and harvested the fat as a block to use as padding for the face. The second surgery was completed successfully and both the tumors were removed without affecting the facial nerves.

Waleed’s recovery was excellent. He was able to get in good health and his face was back to normal. He was much appreciative to Dr.Osborne and rest of the staff of Osborne Head and Neck for the efforts they put in his treatment.

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