Parotidectomy Mini-Incision™

The parotidectomy mini-incision is a procedure to remove a parotid tumor with a small incision, allowing patients to recover more quickly.

parotid mini incision

The Mini Incision: Smaller Incision, Faster Recovery.


Dr. Osborne and Dr. Hamilton ask the question:
Why does a parotid incision need to be so large? Their conclusion: It doesn't!

The facial nerve is only a few millimeters wide and is the most important structure to identify when performing parotid surgery. Incisions that extend up to the hair line and far down into the neck do nothing to improve exposure of the nerve. Long incisions simply add increased swelling, cause slower healing, and increase the risk of scarring. We perform a safer surgery through a smaller incision. There is no substitute for experience. We simply do more surgeries than the rest.


Left: One week after Mini-Incision
Right: One year after Mini-Incision


 My doctor told me a smaller incision increases recurrence is this true?

No. The only risk for increased recurrence is doing a smaller operation called an enucleation or extracapsular dissection. These operations remove only the tumor and do not remove the superficial parotid gland. The tumor is essentially cored out potentially leaving unseen microscopic tumor particles behind in the surrounding superficial parotid gland. Throughout the history of parotid surgery enucleation and extracapsular dissection has been thought to be associated with increased rates of recurrence of parotid tumors. Some new studies have suggested that there may not be a difference between the two procedures superficial parotidectomy and enucleation. We believe that superficial parotidectomy offers the best chance of long term cure.

We perform a superficial parotidectomy through a smaller incision. We do not perform enucleation or extracapsular dissection.


Why does every other surgeon make a large incision?

Inexperience. The average surgeon performs 0-4 parotid surgeries a year. We perform 3-4 surgeries a week. The facial nerve is located using anatomical landmarks in the neck and face. The less experience a surgeon has the more landmarks they need which means a bigger incision.


Isn't the facelift incision a smaller incision than the standard incision?

No. It is potentially longer. All other surgeons use a longer incision.


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