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Parotidectomy Trans-Oral Removal

Innovative, minimally invasive parotid tumor removal procedure.

The parotidectomy procedure is the modern patient choice for parotid tumor removal. Accessory parotid gland tumors are located in difficult to reach areas of the face. Typically, long facial incisions are used to gain access. This approach leaves scarring and facial contour deformities. The trans-oral approach eliminates all facial incisions, resulting in no scars. In addition, the trans-oral approach dramatically reduces the duration of surgery.

No Incisions, No Scars, No Facial Paralysis, No Dents

Tumor removed completely through patient's mouth

In certain patients, a parotid tumor may be removed completely through the patient's mouth (transoral parotidectomy), avoiding incisions on the face. This avoids any potential for facial scarring.

Clinical Case Notes, Parotidectomy - Example 1

MRI Parotid Tumor

After numerous consultations with other surgeons, this young woman came to our institution to explore further surgical options after being told she would be left with a long and disfiguring scar after her parotid surgery. The patient did not want to accept this as her only alternative. On presentation to our institute she had a mass in her right cheek without signs of any facial weakness, pain, or numbness. She had normal saliva production. This patient had a previous imaging study called an MRI which showed a large mass in the accessory parotid gland. The patient had a further diagnostic study called a fine needle aspiration which gathers cells from inside the tumor for a pathologist to review. The patient was diagnosed with a benign parotid tumor by examining these cells. Due to the patient's cosmetic concerns and the ability to access the tumor through her mouth, a procedure was designed especially for her. The procedure was performed through her mouth, eliminating the need for external incisions. She underwent the procedure without complications, has recovered successfully, and is very pleased with her results.

Clinical Case Notes, Parotidectomy - Example 2

The second patient is a 19 year old female with a known five year history of a slowly enlarging right pleomorphic adenoma of the accessory parotid gland. She had refused prior surgical intervention because of her concern of an unsightly scar. Magnetic resonance imaging revealed a 2.4 cm x 3.5 cm well circumscribed lesion. Fine needle aspiration revealed the presence of pleomorphic adenoma. The parotid tumor was successfully resected entirely through a transoral approach. Pathology of the surgical specimen confirmed the diagnosis of a 3.6 cm x 3.0 cm x 2.3 cm pleomorphic adenoma of an accessory parotid gland. Postoperatively, there were no complications.

MRI Parotid Tumor
MRI Parotid Tumor

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Parotidectomy Patient Success Stories


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