Sialendoscopy for Removal of Salivary Gland Stones



Dr. Ryan Osborne, Director of Head & Neck Surgery and Salivary Gland Disorders, at the Osborne Head & Neck Institute, specializes in the non-surgical removal of salivary gland stones causing swelling and

Figure: Stone – Axial CT – Left submandibular gland and duct.

infection of the major salivary glands.

This is accomplished through a minimally invasive outpatient endoscopic procedure called sialendoscopy that requires no surgical incisions, leaves no scars, and carries a zero percent risk of facial nerve paralysis. He is one of a handful of surgeons in the world that have championed the use sialendoscopy for the safe removal of salivary gland stones, avoiding invasive surgical procedures that are quickly becoming seen as archaic and obsolete by this new technique.

Dr. Ryan Osborne is currently performing 15-20 outpatient procedures per week on patients from across the globe saving many patients from unnecessary invasive surgeries, hospitalizations, and facial nerve paralysis.  If you are interested in treatment for salivary gland stones and do not want to have surgery to remove your entire salivary gland or are concerned about facial paralysis associated with traditional surgical techniques please see the basic information below about salivary gland stone treatment and fill out the contact form to schedule a call back from our office.  Most patients fly into Los Angeles, have their procedure and fly out the next day.  Remember it is no longer necessary to remove your entire salivary gland if the stones are removed in a timely fashion.

We have removed stones, of ALL sizes, from ALL glands

We keep the stones, you keep your gland

NO surgery, NO neck incision, NO risk of facial paralysis


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