Tests and methodology used to analyze salivary gland tumor at Osborne’s head and neck institute in Los Angeles, California include:
A physical test where your primary care physician will feel your jaw, neck, and throat for protuberances or swelling. Imaging tests, for example, attractive reverberation imaging (MRI) and mechanized tomography (CT), enable our physician to decide the size and area of your salivary organ tumor.
Our primary care physician may suggest gathering an example of tissue for research facility testing to decide whether the tumor is harmful. In case you’re determined to have salivary organ malignancy, your primary care physician will decide the degree of your disease. Disease stages are distinguished by Roman numerals, with stage I demonstrating a little, confined tumor and stage IV showing a propelled malignant growth that has spread to the lymph hubs in the neck or too inaccessible pieces of the body.
Treatment for Parotid gland tumor:
Treatment for salivary organ tumors relies upon the sort, size and phase of the salivary organ tumor you have, just as your general wellbeing and your inclinations. Salivary organ tumor treatment, as a rule, includes medical procedures, with or without radiation treatment.
Parotid gland tumor medical procedure:
On the off chance that your tumor is little and situated in a simple to-get to detect, our specialist at Osborne’s head and neck institute may evacuate the tumor and a little segment of sound tissue that encompasses it. On the off chance that you have a bigger tumor, your PCP may prescribe expelling the whole salivary organ. In the event that bone, skin or nerves are expelled during your medical procedure, these may be fixed or supplanted with reconstructive medical procedures. During a reconstructive medical procedure, our Osborne head and neck institute specialist attempts to make fixes that improve your capacity to bite, swallow, talk or relax.
Salivary organ medical procedures can be troublesome in light of the fact that few significant nerves are situated in and around the organs. Specialists at Osborne’s head and neck institute take care to safeguard these nerves at whatever point conceivable.
Radiation treatment for Parotid gland tumor:
Radiation treatment utilizes powerful vitality shafts. Radiation treatment includes the procedure that you lie on a table while a machine moves around you, coordinating powerful shafts at explicit focuses on your body. More examination is expected to comprehend the advantages and dangers of this treatment. Radiation treatment can be utilized after medical procedures to murder any disease cells that may remain.
Chemotherapy for Parotid gland tumor:
Chemotherapy is a medication treatment that utilizations synthetic concoctions to murder malignancy cells. Chemotherapy isn’t right now utilized as a standard treatment for salivary organ malignancy, however, scientists are concentrating its utilization. Chemotherapy might be a possibility for individuals with cutting edge salivary organ malignant growth. It’s occasionally utilized in blend with radiation treatment.
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