Left Submandibualr Sialendoscopy by Osborne Head and Neck Institute NewBury Park, CA

NewBury Park, CA
Left Submandibualr Sialendoscopy
I was diagnosed with a stone in my salivary gland last October 2017. Neither I nor any of
my friends ever heard of such a thing. My ENT Dr. Tseng referred me to the best, Dr.
Osborne! He made me feel extremely comfortable that he was the one to remove it safely.
I was so confident about his skills and knowledge of removing the stone that I chose him.
This was the first real big surgery I’ve ever had, so I was super nervous. Dr. Osborne and
his staff are absolutely impeccable in their services, knowledge, compassionate and
awesome!!! They make you feel Zen – the experience is like no other! Just the best!! A
big plus, they’re all so beautiful too, inside & out!