Left Submandibular Gland Sialendoscopy by Osborne Head and Neck Institute Anaheim, CA

Anaheim, Ca
Left Submandibular Gland Sialendoscopy
Prior to seeing Dr. Osborne, I had seen two other ENT’s for swelling of my left salivary gland.
The first ENT recommended removal of my thyroid. Since that did not seem to be the problem, I chose
to do noting at that time.
Within a year or so, I had a flare up with an infection in the left salivary gland. There was a
great deal of pain associated with gland, and eating was difficult leading to a weight loss of
approximately 10%. I had not been so light since freshman year of high school.
So, I saw the second ENT. This time two stones were diagnosed in the left salivary ducts, via
CT scan. The second ENT recommended complete removal of the left salivary glnad. The surgery
would be from the outside of my throat and would bring a 5% chance of nerve damage to the left side
of my face. The infection subsided with antibiotics, and once more I chose to do anything.
I then researched sialendoscopy on the internet and quickly found Dr. Osborne. He seemed to
be removing stones with sialendoscopy that other ENT’s considered too large for such removal. Once I
had another flare-up of an infection, I made an appointment with Dr. Osborne. Dr. Osborne reviewed
my ct scan, and without hesitation he described how he could remove the stones with sialendoscopy,
reserving the salivary gland and restoring its healthy function.
Dr. Osborne’s explanation of the surgery was so clear that I immediately scheduled for the next
possible surgery appointment. I had surgery on a Wednesday. As soon as I awoke, I could feel
immediately relief from my painful symptoms. Recovery was quick, in fact, four days after surgery I
was skiing at Mammoth Mountain!
Had I followed each initial recommendation I would have my thyroid removed. I would have
had my entire salivary gland removed and I would still have the stones! Dr. Osborne did a great thing
for me! I can’t thank him enough. Additionally, the staff at Osborne Head & Neck Institute is extremely
friendly and professional. It has been a great experience! Thanks to all at Osborne Head & Neck