Left Submandibular Sialendoscopy by Osborne Head and Neck Institute Henderson,NV

Henderson, NV
Left Submandibular Sialendoscopy
First I must say I have had the BEST medical experience I have ever had with Dr. Osborne and his
medical team. I have had a persisting salivary stone for the past 10 years. I have seen 4 doctors over the
years who have all told me that I need to have surgery which would include making an external
incision on my face and removing my whole gland which could ultimately include an indentation to my
face, a scar and possible keloid.
My last major episode was July 2018, after which I was determined to find the BEST doctor I could
find who could remove the stone internally. I researched online and found Dr. Ryan Osborne. I made
an appointment, flew to Los Angeles and met with Dr. Osborne. The next day, I had my surgery and 24
hours later I am writing this brag letter about how WONDERFUL my experience has been. I highly
recommend Dr. Osborne to anyone needing the best ENT there is