Parotidectomy by Osborne Head and Neck Institute Riverview,FL

Riverview, FL
I am beyond fortunate and thankful to have found a physician who is a master at his own craft. Dr
Osborne is a humble, kind, and gifted surgeon who has given me a changed outlook on life and a new
found confidence that I will be here awhile for my twin baby girls. I truly can not say enough good
things about Dr Osborne and Dr Hamilton. Both beautiful poets in their own work, never placing a
restriction on our time spent together. They both committed a lot of quality time with me before and
after surgery, answering and explaining any questions or concerns that I may have had along the way. I
was never made to feel as if I was just a number. These doctors definitely care about each and every
one of their patients as if they were apart of their own families. Today I can proudly say, because of
their amazing work, I have FULL function of my face with NO Paralysis!!!! Let’s just say this Mama is
coming home to her family with a smile and a new appreciation for life. Thank you Dr Osborne and Dr
Hamilton, I will forever be grateful to the both of you for taking me on as your patient