Parotidectomy by Osborne Head and Neck Institute Traverse City, MI

Traverse City, MI
Parotidectomy by Osborn Head and Neck Institute
Everyone seems to be dealt a card in life. For me, I was diagnosed with a tumor in my parotid
gland. During my first virtual appointment with Dr. Osborne he told me, “If you look at your card
and you look at the other cards out there, you got a good card. If that’s your card, kiss it, keep it.”
Those words have stuck with me during the weeks leading up to my surgery and they still do
today. I was dealt this card, and thankfully I chose the best person possible to take care of it for
me. As with anything in healthcare you must be your own advocate. You can’t expect anyone to
do the work needed to ensure you get the best possible care. That is just the way the system is and
unfortunately, I have had to figure that out many time over the years with family and friends.
That being said, when I was firs diagnosed with a parotid gland tumor I went to work, researching
and learning about what this rare tumor is and how to best take care of it. All of my research led
to OHNI. My experience with OHNI starting with my first contact email has been amazing.
They have their system dialed in to get you processed as a patient and ensure that everything is
perfectly aligned for all of your needs. They make it easy and accessible, which carries a lot of
value when you are in a desperate moment of life. I put my faith in this organization and I am so
glad I did. I believe they provide the best service and results possible for this particular diagnosis
and I am so thankful that an organization like this exists. Dr. Osborne told me he would take the
weight of this diagnosis off of my shoulders and that is exactly what he did from start to finish. I
couldn’t be more grateful for Dr. Osborne and the rest of the incredible staff at OHNI